Caps and Dampers

Chimney Caps and Dampers

Having a high quality chimney cap is one of the best things that you can do for the long term life of your chimney. They are so versatile and useful that we recommend that every single chimney flue be covered with a stainless steel or copper chimney cap. Along with regular caps, top mounted damper caps are an excellent replacement or upgrade to your chimney’s damper system.

Chimney caps keep animals and debris out of chimney. Squirrels raccoons, and small birds called chimney swifts will happily nest in chimneys if they are allowed to. All of these animals and their droppings carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets, and their nests can prevent fireplaces and furnaces from drawing properly, forcing smoke and carbon monoxide back into the house. In neighborhoods with trees, organic debris can easily block an unprotected chimney flue. Over time, rain and water can do thousands of dollars damage to the masonry work. Because brick and mortar structures are porous, they will absorb rainwater on their surface. A cap will ensure that rain rolls away from the flue opening and against the waterproof crown, where it will not collect or absorb into the chimney structure.

Additionally, chimney caps act as spark arrestors: the same lid that prevents rain from falling into the flue also acts to catch any burning embers or sparks that are caught in the draft of the fireplace. This floating, flaming debris can damage nearby structures like the roof, leading to house fires in the worst cases. This risk is greatly increased in the event of a chimney fire, as the flaming creosote and extremely high flue temperatures represent a significant threat to the home. While the best protection against chimney fires is regular sweeping and inspection, chimney caps can help to contain and minimize the damage done by chimney fires.

Damper caps are caps that have top mounted dampers built in. A damper cap has stainless steel lids that close air tight against a rubber seal, and is operated from inside the home using a simple pull chain. (Here’s a video from one of our suppliers) These dampers are superior to traditional throat dampers due to their ability to form an airtight seal – preventing the smoky fireplace smell that even a slight downdraft can cause. If your original damper has been damaged or broken beyond repair, a top mounted damper is a perfect replacement.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps installs only the highest quality chimney caps and dampers, all of which carry a lifetime product warranty, and we guarantee all of our work. That means that if you buy a cap from us any anything ever goes wrong with it, you are covered! Just give us a call and we will come by and we will take care of it!*

*The product warranty guarantees that the cap is built correctly, and guarantees that any fault found with your cap will be covered. This does not cover damage caused by extreme weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, or lightning strikes. Nearby trees can also cause damage to caps and chimneys, and should be cut back to at least 15 feet from the chimney in order to prevent damage.

Please visit our gallery page to view samples of our chimney caps.