Chimney Rebulid

Chimney Rebuilds

Brick and mortar chimneys are strong. Just think of any burned down house you’ve ever seen, whether in real life or pictures: The only thing still standing is the chimney. But over time, even the strongest materials degrade. When a chimney reaches a point that the brick and mortar have beyond damaged beyond simple tuck pointing, it’s time for a chimney rebuild.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps has a staff of trained, experienced masons, all of whom are also Certified Chimney Technicians. While any good mason can lay brick, it takes special training to understand chimney construction. We have rebuilt chimneys all over the DC area, including historic homes in Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown. While love working on everything from historic structures built in the 18th and 19th centuries to new construction. We not only rebuild chimneys, we also have a host of products at our disposal to help protect your chimney, and save you from needing costly rebuilding down the road.

When we rebuild a chimney we always use the best materials. We know which kinds of mortar to use and will color it to match your existing mortar as closely as possible. While we will rebuild a chimney using the original bricks if they are still strong enough to use, we have access to several brick yards and can find bricks of all sizes, shapes and colors to meet your needs.

The best chimney rebuild is the one you never have to do. That’s why the best thing is to have your chimney inspected and protected using chimney caps, proper cement crowns, and waterproofing, before deterioration sets in. Because the longer you wait, the more repairs cost in the long run.

Samples of our work are available in the photo gallery.