Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

Fireplaces are a wonderful, atmospheric centerpiece to any family gathering or even just a quiet winter evening. But let’s face it: fireplaces are not efficient heat sources. Most fireplaces capture only a tiny percentage of the heat they produce and bring it into the home. Some fireplaces even have negative net heat – they remove more heat from the home than they add to it!

Wood stoves, on the other hand, are designed to capture that heat and keep it inside your home. With a wood stove, the fire is burned inside a contained steel and iron structure designed to absorb much more of the heat created by the fire than a regular fireplace. Stoves use systems of baffles and air ducts to pump warm into the house and radiate heat. They have adjustable dampers and air intakes in order to control the burn rate and get even more efficiency from the system. Wood stoves are excellent secondary source of heat to help keep down high winter heating bills

Just like fireplaces, wood stoves need regular cleaning and must be built and installed up to proper standards. Today, it is no longer considered acceptable to install a stove without a stainless steel liner that is directly attached to the stove and runs to the top of the chimney. This way, all of the products of combustion are contained in the stainless flue. This will help to ensure that the stove draws properly, and will help protect the chimney and the house in the event of a chimney fire.

We can service the complicated systems and parts of your stove, like thermostats, fans, and motors, as well as clean the system. We also install stoves and retrofit liners for older installations that were put in before the current standards. If you are thinking of getting a wood stove, every fireplace is required to be inspected and cleaned before the new unit can be installed. So if you have a wood stove or are interested in getting one, call today!

Please visit our gallery page to view samples of  wood stoves.