This week, we received the 2014 Small Business of the Year Award from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce!
CCbusiness Award Pic1

“With this award, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce honors businesses for their significant role in driving the City’s business community and economic growth. To be considered for a Business of the Year award, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps LLC met the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce’s standards for excellence in innovation with their business practices and community involvement.”

We are so thrilled to have been awarded this great honor by the Chamber of Commerce. Without our loyal customers we never would have been given this opportunity. Thank you for allowing us into your homes, we hope to keep growing and providing you quality service for years to come!

Dylan Raycroft

Dylan believes that businesses can be a powerful force for change in the world, and with his company, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, has put forth a vision for redefining the home services industry away from merely an exchange of products and services to a consumer experience focused industry. Since taking over as president in 2015, Dylan has worked tirelessly to turn a four decade long tradition of putting people first into a scalable enterprise designed to deliver that experience to millions of people. Dylan believes that leadership starts with service and tries to lead his teams by example every day.