Fireplace After Chimney Cleaning

Do You Need a Chimney Cleaning? 4 Signs That Say Yes!

December 27, 2020

You probably don’t think about your chimney often, but you can’t overstate the importance of keeping it clean. The smoke and noxious gases generated during combustion in your fireplace must never enter your home, and a clean chimney ensures this never happens. But how can you tell if your home in Alexandria, VA, needs a chimney cleaning?

Smoke Blows Back Into the Home

If you have a clogged chimney, it won’t let the smoke blow out of your home. Instead, it’ll blow back into it. To avoid this danger, you’ll need to schedule a chimney cleaning. Otherwise, you’ll put your family at risk.

Foul Odors When Fireplace Not in Use

The build-up of creosote in your chimney can emit a foul odor when you’re not using your fireplace. Creosote and soot will collect in the flue after using your fireplace. If you don’t clean it regularly, you could experience a fire. Chimney cleaning will clear the creosote and soot. As a result, you’ll avoid unwanted ignition and a hazardous fire.

Visible Tar Deposits

You might notice thick black deposits of creosote in and around your chimney. You might see them on the damper, around the stove or stuck on the chimney lining. It’s vital that you schedule a chimney cleaning the moment you notice these deposits. That way, you can ensure your chimney functions as it should and safely through the winter months.

Poorly Burning Fire

A fire requires a sufficient amount of air to burn brightly. A fireplace with a clogged chimney will take longer to ignite. It’ll also be harder to maintain a fire because of the reduced airflow and trapped exhaust gases. A chimney cleaning will remove any particles and obstacles impeding airflow, improving the functionality of your fireplace.

A fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece when you clean and maintain it regularly. Don’t ignore yours and create a fire hazard in your home. Contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps today to schedule a chimney cleaning.

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