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5 Tips to Prep Your Fireplace for Cooler Weather in Washington D.C.

October 15, 2021

Fall is fast approaching in Washington D.C., so temperatures are dropping, making it a perfect time to prepare your home’s fireplace for colder weather. Have an expert check your fireplace if you think there’s something wrong with it. Use these tips to prepare your fireplace for the cold weather and make it safe for use to keep your home warm:

Schedule a Chimney Sweep

Experts recommend sweeping your chimney at least once annually. Ensure that you hire a professional to sweep your chimney at the beginning of the cold season to eliminate debris and soot. Sweeping the chimney prepares your fireplace to warm your home effectively and protect it from fire hazards.

Cover the Chimney

Cap the chimney to keep leaves, dirt, birds, dust and squirrels from entering it. These unwanted particles and rodents can cause a house fire. If the chimney caps become damaged, replace them in preparation for the cooler weather.

Replace Batteries

Replace batteries in your receivers and remote transmitters before the cold weather. Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change their batteries to ensure they operate effectively. Your fireplace is prone to fire more during the winter season, so ensure that the detectors are functional.

Check for Damage

Check your fireplace for damage before temperatures drop, and have a professional fix any damages found during the inspection. If your chimney has cracks or loose bricks, have it fixed as well. Check the chimney liners for deterioration or cracking.

Clean the Blower

If your gas-burning fireplace has a blower, ensure that you clean it in preparation for the colder weather. Accumulation of dirt and dust particles forces the bearings to wear out prematurely. Dust accumulation also insulates the motor, preventing it from cooling correctly and causing motor failure.

Fireplace maintenance is necessary for its efficiency and your home’s safety. At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, we have the best professionals for chimney repairs and fireplace services.

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