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Chimney & Inspection Cleaning Service

What is a chimney cleaning?


A chimney cleaning is the process of removing creosote from your chimney’s flue system to prevent chimney fires. In addition to your annual inspection, having your chimney cleaned is one of the best things you can do to protect your home and family. Over time, creosote and other combustible byproducts, produced by your crackling fire, can build up inside your chimney’s flue system. If there is a significant amount of buildup, typically ⅛ inch, your chimney will need to be cleaned. Otherwise, you run the risk of a chimney fire.


Why is an inspection and chimney cleaning important?


An Inspection and chimney cleaning ensures that your chimney is free from any and all potential fire hazards, including creosote buildup and blockages created by animal nests and other debris. These hazards can lead to your chimney’s premature deterioration, and if ignited by the intense heat of the flames, can start a chimney fire. An inspection will also identify any structural or interior damage of the chimney that poses a danger to your home.


What to expect when scheduling an inspection and chimney cleaning.


If you heard the word “soot” and are worried about the cleanliness of your home, we understand your concern. But there’s no need to fret. Our team is highly trained in customer service – they know how to leave your home in the same immaculate condition that they found it. We cover everything in the room with fresh sheets and tarps to catch escaping debris, and each technician wears fresh covers over their shoes so they won’t leave any footprints behind. If it’s within a reasonable distance, we’ll even lay down tarps from the front door to the fireplace.

In regard to the inspection, we want to make sure that nothing is missed. That’s why we have state of the art camera scanning equipment that we run up your chimney. When the chimney inspection is complete, you’ll receive a full, visual report detailing findings, actions and results of the inspection and/or cleaning.

Annual chimney inspections and cleanings are encouraged so as to keep your home warm and safe, and you worry-free.

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