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Disclaimer: The Chimney Checker is for discovery and convenience purposes only. Each customer’s situation is unique, so please send your results to a Rooftop Chimney Certified Technician for a final assessment.

Chimney Checker TM

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Chimney Checker TM




Plant(s) growing from chimney

We get it - life is busy. No matter how rough your chimney has gotten, we can help you repair vegetation damage and get it back in tip top shape. Address this problem asap as it only gets severely worse with time.

Rusting chase cover

We will protect your home by installing a stainless steel chase cover - warrantied for life.

Rusting cap

We can install a stainles steel replacement with lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about caps again.

Rusting bvents or caps

We will replace rusting systems and caps with rustproof stainless steel versions before they fall apart and become dangerous.

Cold room around fireplace

We can stop drafts coming down chimneys and install fireplace upgrades to get more heat into the room.

Damper won't open or is sticking or is in bad place

A Certified Chimney Technician can troubleshoot finicky dampers and install a replacement if needed.

Water damage on ceilings or walls

We can find the source of the problem. We have a range of products to stop water penetration in its tracks and protect your house. (i.e. crown replacement or repair, chimney caps, waterproofing. flashing repair, gutter adjustment)

Carbon monoxide or smoke alarm

Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and can have many causes such as an obstructed flue, improperly sized or maintained furnace flue, obstructed appliance connector pipe, or negative pressure in utility flue area. Have a Certified Chimney Technician find and fix the cause immediately.

Birds or animals in chimney

We remove nests and install caps to keep animals getting into the chimney.

Flaking or 'spalling' brick

Flaking brick is caused by water penetration freezing during winter months likely because the chimney is lacking a proper crown, chase cover, cap, waterproofing, flashing, or gutter. Once we repair the damage, we will waterproof the chimney to prevent future damage.

Crumbling mortar

Crumbling mortar is caused by water penetration. We will assess and repair the extent of the damage inside and out, then protect against future water with caps and waterproofing.

Black or white staining on outside chimney

We will find the source of the water penetration and stop it to prevent expensive damage to your home. (i.e. crown replacement or repair, chimney caps, waterproofing. flashing repair, gutter adjustment).

Smelly fireplace

We can stop smells by alleviating negative pressure and ensuring dampers are working properly. (i.e. cleaning, top mounted dampers/damper-caps, outside air source, better air pressure control).

Smoking fireplace

A smoking fireplace can indicate major problems with either the flue, build quality, pressure, or a dozen other things. This should be inspected by a Certified Chimney Technician immediately.

Chimney Checker TM


Chimney Checker TM

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Chimney Inspection & Cleaning Services In Richmond

In addition to your yearly chimney cleaning and inspection needs, we provide an entire line of chimney professional services. If you live in the Richmond, VA area and you are in need of chimney repair services, you’ve come to the right place. We can help with your rusty chimney cap or chase cover, cracking chimney crown, spalling or flaking brick, loose mortar, or entire chimney rebuild. Our certified chimney sweeps also install fireplace inserts to increase your heat efficiency.

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