Many people don’t think twice about leaving their home when their dryer is in mid-cycle. This is unfortunate, as according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires occur each year due to this very appliance. What exactly are the risks with your dryer and what can you do to prevent a dryer vent fire?

First of all, never leave your home while your dryer is still in cycle. Always run your dryer when you are home.

That being said, what causes dryer vent fires? Even the most studious people with the cleanest and free of lint dryer vents are at risk. Fires are caused when debris builds up restricting air flow and clogs the dryer vent. This in turn backs up the dryer’s exhaust gases, trapping heat, and creating a potential fire hazard.

Assuming you clean your lint trap before every cycle, you can still have debris build up. One way to keep an eye on this is to notice if your clothes are dried after one cycle. If the clothes aren’t drying in one cycle, chances are something is off and your dryer is working harder than it should, thus heating up and most likely heat and debris are being clogged, creating this dryer vent fire risk.

At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, we can help you with this.  We will inspect your dryer vents, perform any maintenance, any cleanings and/or repairs and help you understand your dryer better.

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Dylan Raycroft

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