If you’re thinking of adding some flare to your backyard, consider an outdoor fireplace, chiminea, or fire pit. While each of these has their benefits and drawbacks, if you’re looking for a traditional fire experience, install an outdoor wood or gas burning fireplace.

The first step in adding an outdoor fireplace feature is to figure out where to place it. You want to make sure your fireplace is in a safe area that is a suitable length away from your home.

Next, you’ll want to decide whether you should choose gas or wood. Of course, wood burning fireplaces always have a more natural feel but gas burners provide a great atmosphere and are easy to operate. After you’ve installed your fireplace and enjoyed a few s’mores making nights, it’s important to maintain these features so you can enjoy its functionality for years to come.

Keep it clean. Regular cleaning is important. For gas units, debris and spider webs can clog burners and cause malfunctions. For wood burning units, water and leaves can build up, causing a potential fire hazard. Remove all spider webs, leaves, water, ashes, and coals when relighting your fireplace.

If you install a wood burning fireplace, it’s best to stock up on dry woods. Dry woods such as oak or maple will lessen a number of sparks and create a lot less smoke than softwoods. If you are dealing with a gas appliance, it is important to consider the wires do not corrode from exposure to the elements. When the cold winter months approach, cover your fireplace up. This will keep unwanted debris out in addition to keeping out snow and ice.

If you have any questions on fireplace installation or maintenance, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps would be delighted to assist you. We’ve proudly been serving the DMV area since 1978. We would love to hear from you, give us a call at (703) 997-0022.

A backyard patio features a fireplace and casual furnishings.  The outdoor fireplace burns with a bright orange glow and is covered by a metal grate.  There is extra wood stored to the left of the stone fireplace in a black unit.  There are two metal chairs with red cushions placed on the flagstone patio.

A backyard patio features a fireplace and casual furnishings.

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