A damp chimney can often be a sign of a bigger issue that can quickly get out of control if not immediately remedied.

Whether from rain water or melting snow, water in your chimney can contribute to mold growth that can cause poor air quality, and weaken the structure over time, creating safety hazards in the future.

But there are ways to keep water out of your chimney, mitigating these potential issues, including:

– Immediately fixing any roof leaks that could allow water into your home and your chimney, specifically any leaks caused by weakened chimney flashing.

– Sealing the outside of your chimney with a waterproofing agent that can slow the penetration of water into the chimney through porous mortar.

– Having a professional chimney cleaning service — like Rooftop Chimney — install a chimney cap to prevent water and moisture from entering the chimney. (If your chimney cap is broken and allowing water in your chimney, we can perform chimney cap repair.)

– Filling any cracks in the mortar of your chimney. These cracks can allow in water, and will gradually grow, allowing more and more water through every passing year. It’s best to fill these cracks quickly to ensure they don’t contribute to mold or weaken the chimney structure.

Rooftop Chimney can assist you to alleviate water and dampness in your chimney, helping keep your home free of mold or structural issues with your chimney. We can seal you chimney, fill in cracks in your mortar, install or repair a chimney cap, and more.

Furthermore, we can thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney to make sure your fireplace is operating at peak efficiency. Whether you live in Washington, D.C., or McLean, we can provide you with the fireplace services you need.

For more information on how to keep your chimney dry, contact us today.

Dylan Raycroft

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