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There are a lot of components to a high performing chimney. Make sure yours is safe and functioning – schedule your chimney inspection today.

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Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

Scheduling a regular chimney inspection and cleaning is among the most important things you can do to protect your family and your home from chimney fires.

A warm crackling fire is the perfect centerpiece to a family gathering or even just a quiet evening at home. Every fireplace or furnace has its own exhaust system, called a flue, which ensures that all products of combustion are safely vented out of your house. But over time, combustible creosote can build up inside your chimney’s flue system, and if the flue temperature is hot enough, it could ignite and start a chimney fire.

Chimney Liners Installation & Repair

Every stainless chimney steel liner we sell is manufactured right here in the United States of America, and comes with a lifetime warranty!

One of the most important parts of a chimney inspection is the proper examination of your flue liner using a camera scan system. When flue liners have been damaged or have exceeded their service life, they must be replaced. Defects and cracks in the flue can greatly increase the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Firebox & Hearth Repair

The firebox is the area of your fireplace that encloses the fire. A properly built firebox is constructed with firebrick, special masonry that is particularly resilient to heat.

The hearth is, very simply, the floor of the fireplace. Like the firebox, it is designed to contain the intense heat of the fire and should also be constructed with firebrick.

Chase Covers & Crowns

Chase covers and crowns are external coverings that secure over the top of your chimney and protect it from water damage. They are created with a slope to direct rainwater off and away from your chimney.

Chase covers protect the top of prefabricated chimneys or chimneys that do not have a masonry exterior. Crowns are the concrete slab that seals the top of masonry chimneys.

Chimney Rebuilds

The best chimney rebuild is the one you never have to do. That’s why the best thing is to have your chimney inspected.

Brick and mortar chimneys are strong and can withstand almost anything. But over time, even a chimney will degrade. When a chimney reaches a point where the brick and mortar are damaged beyond simple tuck pointing, it’s time for a chimney rebuild.

Wood & Gas Stoves

Wood and gas stoves, also known as hearth appliances, are better than traditional fireplaces when it comes to generating heat for your home. But they need proper maintenance too.

We can clean and service the complicated systems and parts of your stove, like thermostats, fans, and motors. We also install stoves and retrofit liners for older installations that were put in before current standards. If you have a wood or gas stove or are interested in getting one, call today!

Chimney Repair

After decades of wear and tear, even the strongest materials like masonry will degrade.

If you look up and notice signs of deterioration on your masonry chimney, you’ll need to schedule a chimney repair as soon as possible. We can help you with any type of chimney repair such as spalling brick, tuckpointing, chimney waterproofing, more.

Fireplace Services

What’s a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is a stove designed to only be exposed on one side. It slips into an existing fireplace and uses that chimney in the open fireplace as its venting system. They look and feel like a traditional fireplace, but are 10-15 times more efficient when it comes to producing heat and create only 5% of the emissions of a fireplace.

Fireplace Damper

A fireplace damper is the device that controls the airflow of your chimney flue. Most chimneys either have a throat damper (a metal flap located just above your fireplace smoke chamber), or a top mounted damper cap (an air-tight seal at the top end of the flue).

Chimney Caps Installation

We recommend that every single chimney flue be covered with a stainless steel or copper chimney cap.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps installs only the highest quality chimney caps, all of which carry a lifetime product warranty. We also guarantee all of our work, which means if you buy a cap from us and something goes wrong with it, you are covered!

Chimney Flashing Repair

Flashing is a barrier that’s installed between the chimney and the roof shingles. It seals the gaps between the base of the chimney and where it comes into contact with the roof shingles. In order to protect your home from water damage, it’s important to schedule an annual chimney inspection to make sure that your chimney flashing isn’t cracking and allowing moisture to leak inside.

Gas Logs

Do you want to transform your ordinary gas fireplace into a beautiful feature that gets your family and friends talking? One way to do so is by using our gas logs. Gas logs change how your wood or masonry fireplace looks, add ambiance to the space and offer several benefits, including affordability and convenience.

Pressure Washing

We provide pressure washing services that clean chimneys, siding, bricks, concrete, sidewalks, driveways, decks, garages and more. If you’d like to restore the look of any surface on your property, we can do it with pressure washing. Rest assured that we’ll complete the pressure washing service to a high standard, we’re committed to your satisfaction in our work.

Animal Remediation

Did you know your chimney makes for a very convenient nesting spot? Animals like birds, squirrels and raccoons are always looking for safe spots for shelter and warmth, and your chimney provides a very suitable refuge. These unwanted tenants can cause harm and damage to your home’s chimney and venting system, and the waste they leave behind carries diseases that are harmful to humans and pets.

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