Keep Water From Entering Your Home
Through Your Chimney!
Chase covers & crowns prevent rain, snow and other moisture from leaking through the top of your chimney.

Chase Covers and Crowns in Alexandria, Richmond, Newport News, VA and All Surrounding Areas

What is a chase cover?

A chimney chase cover is the shield that protects the top of many prefabricated chimneys or chimneys that do not have a masonry exterior. This metal covering is secured over the top of your chimney and prevents rain and snow from leaking into your chimney’s structure.

Chase covers should never be flat on top since water can pool leading to premature rusting and water leakage. Like chimney crowns, they are designed with a slope, which directs rainwater away from the chimney flue and off the chimney altogether.

Chas Cover

What is a chimney crown?

The chimney crown (also referred to as the chimney wash) is a concrete slab on the top of your chimney. It creates a seal between the flue liner to the edge of the chimney. The concrete of a crown is formed to provide a downward slope that directs rainwater away from the flue.

Without a chimney crown the porous surface of your masonry chimney would be exposed and water would easily penetrate it. Over time, the metal chimney crown repair or replacement may be needed since it takes a lot of abuse from the elements. The constant battle against the weather can cause cracks to develop on the crown allowing water to leak inside the chimney.

Chimney Crown Repair Service

How we can help with your chase cover or crown.

Our technicians check the conditions of the chimney chase cover or the crown during your annual inspection.

If you notice rust stains on the side of your chimney, then your current chase cover should be inspected for damage and may need to be replaced with a new stainless steel cover.

If we find the crown cracked and damaged, then there is a Need of chimney crown repair. If left unrepaired, the chimney crown will continue to decay and eventually lead to water penetration and damage to your chimney and even to your home.

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