Seal All the Gaps Around

Your Chimney!

Gaps between your chimney and the roof of your home need to be sealed to keep rainwater and other debris from sneaking into your home.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney Flashing Repair - Rooftop Chimney Sweeps

Water leaking into your home can lead to serious structural and internal damage, and can be very expensive to fix. If you notice water damage on your living room ceiling, the natural tendency is to call the roofers. But often times, a leaky chimney can be the real culprit, especially if the water spots on your ceiling are near the fireplace. Properly installed and maintained chimney flashing is one of those important sealant barriers that protects your home from water damage.


What is Chimney Flashing?

Flashing is a barrier that’s installed between the chimney and the roof shingles. It fills and covers any and all gaps between your roofing and chimney.


Most chimney flashing has a two-part system that includes 1) an L-shaped metal piece that clings to the roof and the chimney, and 2) counter flashing that covers that L-shaped piece. Ideally, the counter flashing has a 90-degree bend at the top that is rooted between layers of brick in your chimney. If embedding the flashing between bricks isn’t possible, we will use caulking or an asphalt roofing compound to create a water resistant seal.



How we can help with chimney flashing.

Our standard service includes assessing the chimney condition. Our team will come out and conduct a chimney inspection during which we will examine the flashing that surrounds the base of where your chimney meets the roof. If we see any gaps or signs of water penetration, we’ll help you to fix leaking chimney by repairing or replacing your flashing, depending on its current condition.


We first clean any leaves or debris away from the flashing area. Then we use a chisel to remove any peeling sealant and prepare the area for the chimney flashing repair or the new flashing installation. When we’re finished, your chimney flashing will be completely waterproof.

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