Your Chimney’s Liner Is Your

Layer of Protection!

Chimney liners safely vent smoke, sparks and other products of combustion from the fireplace out of the top of the chimney and away from your home.

Chimney Liner Installation & Repair Service

 Chimney liner installation services

What is a chimney liner?

A chimney liner is the part of the flue pipe made from terracotta or stainless steel. This liner is designed to contain the byproducts of combustion (sparks & creosote particles) and to vent the gases and smoke out the top of your chimney.

Terracotta liners are made from ceramic clay and have been used since the 1800’s. However, these liners are brittle and can crack under the extreme heat of a chimney fire.


Stainless steel liners, on the other hand, are much more resilient to extreme temperatures and can typically be installed in one piece, minimizing unnecessary seams. Check out our demonstration video below on what a chimney fire does to your liner system and see which liner survives the test:


How we can help you with your chimney liner.
We inspect existing chimney liner systems and do new chimney liner installation a stainless steel one when needed. They are extremely durable, and their round shape gives them better venting characteristics. Because they can be installed in one or two pieces for the length of the flue, this minimizes the need for joints, which might deteriorate or become disconnected. All of our stainless steel liners also come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about paying for another chimney liner repair or replacement ever again.

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