Resurrecting Your Chimney
Brick By Brick!
Your chimney can last a long time, but not forever. When it’s damaged or shows signs of deteriorating, it’s time to rebuild.

Chimney Rebuilds in Alexandria, Richmond, Chesapeake, VA and All Surrounding Areas

Brick and mortar chimneys are strong. Just think of any burned down house you’ve ever seen, whether in real life or in pictures: the only thing still standing is the chimney. But over time, even the strongest materials degrade.

chimney rebuild

What is a chimney rebuild?

When a chimney reaches a point where the brick and mortar are damaged beyond simple tuckpointing (a technical term for pulling out loose mortar from the chimney’s joints and patching with new mortar), it’s time for a chimney rebuild. If whole bricks are coming loose on your chimney, this is definitely a sign that you need a chimney rebuild.

If you’re not sure, it’s always worth scheduling an inspection, which could save you time and money in the long run.

How we can help with your chimney rebuild.

When we rebuild, we will typically begin by constructing scaffolding that surrounds the chimney. This not only creates a level surface area, which helps us to build a perfectly squared chimney but also makes it easier to haul away debris and hoist up new materials.

After any needed scaffolding is built, we deconstruct the chimney brick by brick. If some bricks are still in great condition, we will clean off the mortar and use them during the rebuild process. In the end, this saves the customer money and they still end up with a perfectly strong chimney.

When we have rebuilt the chimney, we will finish by constructing a concrete crown, that protects the top of your chimney from water damage, and also fasten a stainless steel cap on the end of your chimney flue to keep out any unwanted animals and debris.

Remember, the best chimney rebuild is the one you never have to do. That’s why you should have your chimney inspected annually to catch and address small repairs before full deterioration sets in.

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