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Even the strongest materials degrade over time. When your chimney starts showing signs of deterioration, you need to have it fixed.

Chimney Repair Service

Chimney repairing service in Richmond & Alexandria, VA

When your masonry chimney was first built, it stood there in the sky like a strong pillar that would never fall. Your chimney is most likely still standing upright, but the years and years of constant weathering have taken their toll. It’s time to get a chimney repair service.


What is a chimney repair?

A chimney repair is simply fixing a chimney that is damaged or that is showing signs of decay. What a chimney repair looks like though, can vary drastically.


One of the main reasons why chimneys even need repair is because of water, the main enemy of masonry structures. The porous brick and mortar material will absorb water and begin to deteriorate.


But annual inspections and immediate attention to early deterioration can help increase the lifespan of your chimney. If you have a properly installed chimney cap, undamaged chimney crown, and water-tight chimney flashing, then your need for repairs will be almost none.


Here are some ways we can help you with chimney repair:


Chimney Spalling

When the exterior of your bricks begins to flake off or even crack, this is called spalling. This means that water has penetrated into your chimney. You should have a certified chimney sweep come and conduct an inspection to pinpoint the problem.


We can help you address any signs of moisture penetration or spalling by inspecting the chimney cap, crown, and flashing to make sure that they are water-tight. After the repairs are completed, we typically recommend applying to waterproof to the exterior of your chimney as an added layer of protection.


Chimney Tuckpointing

The process of removing loose mortar from between the brick joints and adding new mortar is called chimney tuckpointing. If you allow the mortar between the bricks to continue to decay, before long you may need to pay for an entire chimney rebuild.


If your chimney needs tuckpointing, our team will begin by removing the loose mortar from between the brick joints. Then, we’ll ground out any additional mortar and make room for the fresh bonding material.


Chimney waterproofing

Waterproofing is a sealant solution that is applied to the exterior of chimneys as a preventative measure. It’s made from a special type of material that is impervious to liquid water but is still porous to vapor, allowing any moisture currently in the structure to escape.


Before waterproofing your chimney, we must inspect your chimney for gaps and cracks that first need repairing. Then, we can finish the job with a layer of additional protection by spraying waterproofing sealant on the outside of your chimney.


We recommend waterproofing with every repair since it protects your investment by making sure the water stays out of your newly repaired chimney.

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