Keeping The Smell Out

And The Heat In!

Dampers seal your chimney and fireplace shut when not in use, keeping the smoky smell of your chimney out and the warm air in.

Fireplace Damper

What is a Fireplace Damper?

A fireplace damper is a metal device which you can open and close your chimney flue. Make sure that it is open before lighting a fire so that you properly vent the byproduct gases and combustible particles. When your fireplace is not active, you want to close your damper to help retain the heat inside your home and keep the smoky smell out.


There are two types of fireplace dampers: throat dampers and top-mounted damper caps.


Throat Damper

A throat damper is the metal flap that opens or closes your flue. It’s the most common type of damper, but the least efficient since it is not air-tight. If you reach your hand up the chimney, you can operate the throat damper by pushing or pulling its metal lever. It’s typically located in the throat of your masonry chimney just above the firebox, which makes it still easy to reach.


Top Mounted Damper

Top-mounted damper caps are an excellent replacement or upgrade to your chimney’s flue system. A top-mounted damper cap has a stainless steel lid that closes air-tight against a rubber seal and is operated from inside the fireplace using a simple pull chain. These dampers are superior to traditional throat dampers due to their ability to form an airtight seal, which can help with energy cost savings. They are also usually much easier to see and operate.


How We Can Help with Your Damper

Over a period of time, your damper can become damaged or warped by the consistent exposure to heat. If the chimney hasn’t always been properly maintained, you may also find it difficult to open or close your damper due to a layer of rust or excess creosote. Our technicians can conduct a chimney inspection and help diagnose the problem you are experiencing with your damper and assist with any needed repairs.


Customers contact us to install a damper upgrade (top-mounted damper) for a few reasons:

  1. Top-mounted dampers are much easier to operate.
  2. Throat dampers can easily come off their track and need re-adjustments, which can become very annoying.
  3. During major repair work, it’s often required to install a top-mounted damper.
  4. You can experience energy cost savings by getting a top-mounted damper installed since it has an air-tight seal and prevents precious heat from escaping your home during the colder months.

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