The Right Inserts Will Keep You

Toasty Warm!

You can convert your open wood or gas fireplace into a heat generating machine by installing a fireplace insert.

Wood Fireplace Insert

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What exactly is a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is basically a stove that’s designed to fit directly into your existing fireplace. Unlike a stove, which is exposed on all sides, a wood fireplace insert only has a finished front side. It’s a very convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade the heating proficiency of your traditional open fireplace.


What’s great about fireplace inserts?

  • They are environmentally friendly, and burn 20 times cleaner and are 15 times warmer than a traditional fireplace. This also means they require cleaning far less often and are much safer – less likelihood of chimney fires.
  • Fireplace inserts are very efficient when it comes to producing heat. They use their blower systems to pump the heat out into the room, instead of letting the warmth escape up the chimney like traditional open fireplaces.
  • They’re easier to install. The certified chimney technician doesn’t have to cut holes in your wall or roof for the new venting system. You can simply use the current fireplace chimney.
  • Are a great way to fix an older damaged chimney or flue liner while getting a massive upgrade and little to no extra cost


Advantages of a wood fireplace insert

  • A wood insert is a workhorse and is designed for use as a zone heating system that can burn non-stop all winter long. (Just remember that more burn time means you should get your chimney cleaned more often.) It uses oxygen from your house to burn the wood. After circulating the air through the hot firebox, it pumps the warmth back into the room.
  • It controls the air flowing into the system and keeps it low for a slower, longer burn.
  • Allows a double-burn effect, where soot and other particles from the burning wood are recirculated over the coals and burned again.
  • Modern wood-burning inserts are extremely efficient (between 80-86% efficiency) and result in much lower particulate emissions, meaningless soot overall, and less cleaning.
  • Easier to manage and more convenient than a normal fireplace. Have a fire going but need to step out away for a bit? With an insert, it’s no problem as the sealed door means there’s no chance of a fire accident in the room from a spark or burning log.

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Gas Fireplace Insert

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Like the wood insert, a gas fireplace insert is basically a one-sided stove that you can fit into your existing fireplace. It doesn’t disrupt the layout of your living room, and generally increases the overall heat efficiency of your fireplace.


The main difference between a wood and gas fireplace insert is the fuel that it uses to generate heat. Here are some specific advantages of a gas fireplace insert and also some things to take note.


Advantages of a gas fireplace insert

  • A gas insert is easier to manage and use.
  • There’s no hassle of supplying or storing the fuel for your fire.
  • A gas fireplace insert only needs occasional cleaning (usually every 3 years instead of annually) as compared to a wood fireplace insert.
  • Like a traditional gas fireplace and a gas stove, it operates at the turn of a knob or the click of a button.
  • A gas insert has both an intake and an exhaust system. It takes fresh air from outside the house straight into the insert for combustion, and then vents it right back out.
  • A gas fireplace insert produces approximately 170 times less emissions than the most efficient wood inserts.


A few things to note about a gas fireplace insert

  • A typical gas insert operates at 77% efficiency with lower heat capacity, while others can be more efficient. It really depends on the specific hearth appliance.
  • Installing a gas fireplace insert can bring extra expenses for gas line installation, gas capacity adjustment and electric hookup. But if you’re upgrading your traditional gas fireplace, then you should already have these hookups in place.

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