The Right Stove Will Have You

Feeling Toasty!

Wood and gas stoves are excellent secondary sources of heat that can help lower your winter heating bill. Some more modern stoves are even able to heat the whole home.

Wood Stove Installation & Repair

What is a wood stove?

A wood stove is a type of hearth appliance designed to capture heat and keep it inside your home. It’s a contained iron structure that is completely separate from your traditional fireplace.

Advantages of a wood stove

  • A wood stove uses a system of baffles and air ducts to pump warm air into the house and radiate heat. It has an adjustable damper and air-intake that controls the burn rate and is much more efficient for producing heat.
  • Any house can have a wood stove. You can insert the chimney through the roof to centralize your stove, or you can install the flue for your wood stove directly into the wall and then run the chimney up the side of the house. You can enclose the class A chimney, but you can also leave it exposed.
  • A wood stove is more eco-friendly and needs less maintenance. The more modern versions especially create less pollution and actually don’t need to be cleaned as often.


How we can help with your wood stove.

If you’re looking to make your living room a warmer environment, then we can help you with wood stove installation or even a fireplace insert.


If you currently have a wood stove, we can service the complicated systems and parts like thermostats, fans, and motors. We can also assist you with your regular inspection and wood stove repair.


Already have a wood stove? If it’s an older stove or one that you purchased for almost nothing at your local home improvement store, then it’s most likely uncertified. That means you’re probably burning twice the fuel and producing more than 3 times the emissions compared to more modern wood stoves. It’s probably time for an upgrade by getting wood stove installation  – you’ll thank yourself later.

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Gas Burning Stove

Wood Burning Stove - Rooftop Chimney Sweeps

What is a gas stove?

A gas stove, also known as a gas hearth appliance, is an enclosed steel box that is exposed on all 4 sides. They have become quite popular because they not only produce a lot of heat but also add a very unique look to your living area.


A gas-burning stove is simple and requires less maintenance. With just the flip of a switch, you can turn your fire on and off at your convenience.

Advantages of a gas stove

  • There’s no hassle of supplying or storing the fuel you use for your fire (i.e. gathering, chopping, and stacking wood). Burning gas doesn’t produce ash, so you won’t have to worry about hauling that away either.
  • You can start your fire at the turn of a nob, flip of a switch, or at the press of a button. It’s an “at-will” type of system that is great for people living the fast-paced life.
  • A gas stove rarely needs cleaning, and typically requires just general maintenance and inspections.
  • A gas stove is very environmentally friendly and produces about 170 times fewer emissions than the most efficient wood stoves.


A few things to note about a gas stove

  • If you like the experience of building your own fire, then you’re better off with a wood stove.
  • You could face extra expenses if you don’t already have the setup for gas. Installing a gas system for the first time requires a gas line, electric hookup, and even an upgrade to your home’s gas meter/capacity from the mainline.

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