Flat screens are more popular than ever and now being enjoyed in millions of homes across the country. Along with their rise in popularity, they are also becoming a design nightmare for homeowners as the screens get larger and larger making them hard to fit into the living space. Placing them above the fireplace seems like a smart solution to a common problem. Before you start drilling holes above your hearth, it is important to first know the best practices for this type of installation.

Follow these tips when installing a flat screen above the fireplace:

Check the Temperature First – It is important to know exactly how hot the space gets when the fireplace is in use. Place a fireplace or stove thermometer on the mantel to track the highest temperature reached.

Think of Ventilation – If your gas insert doesn’t ventilate then all that hot air stays within the space creating high levels of heat radiating right up to the flat screen. Check to make sure you have proper ventilation for your unit.

Proper Installation
 – Before installing, the mounting instructions should be read over carefully. If you do not feel comfortable with the process, hire a contractor with experience in the task.
Check Cable Placement – Make sure your wiring is up to code. National building code requires a minimum of a 2-inch clearance between combustible cabling and a fireplace or chimney.

Consider Comfortable Viewing
 – Televisions that are hung too high can make viewers crane their neck to watch the screen. This makes it uncomfortable to watch a show and can lead to larger health problems if done consistently. You may want to consider alternative locations if the placement is too high.

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