While the summer sun provides hot days, cooler temperatures prevail at night, offering the perfect opportunity to use an outdoor fireplace.

And while nothing beats gathering around an outdoor fireplace with friends and family on a cool summer night, there are other benefits to owning an outdoor fireplace, including:

– Increasing the value of your home. Adding an outdoor fireplace to your property will increase the value of your home by adding beauty and functionality to your backyard. Creating an inviting outdoor living space is a hot trend in real estate, and having an outdoor fireplace can be especially inviting for homes without one indoors.

– The ability to use the fireplace to cook. By adding just a few accessories to your outdoor fireplace, you can use the unit to cook an entire meal using the open flames and heat. And, by using different wood chips in the fireplace, you can create new flavors.

– Keeping the bugs away. The flame and the heat from your outdoor fireplace will help keep annoying bugs away, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the evening without worrying about summertime pests like gnats, mosquitoes and more.

At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps Inc. we can provide you with the perfect outdoor fireplace to meet all of your needs, while offering a beautiful space to entertain guests all summer long.

From Alexandria to Arlington, and Washington, D.C., and beyond, we offer the services you need to help keep your fireplaces and chimneys safe and efficient, whether indoors or out. Our chimney cleaning service and fireplace service will put you at ease knowing your chimney was cleaned and inspected by professionals.

For more information about outdoor fireplaces or any other of our services, contact us today.

Dylan Raycroft

Dylan believes that businesses can be a powerful force for change in the world, and with his company, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, has put forth a vision for redefining the home services industry away from merely an exchange of products and services to a consumer experience focused industry. Since taking over as president in 2015, Dylan has worked tirelessly to turn a four decade long tradition of putting people first into a scalable enterprise designed to deliver that experience to millions of people. Dylan believes that leadership starts with service and tries to lead his teams by example every day.