Why You Should Only Hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep

Hiring a chimney sweep can sometimes be an unnerving decision. How do you know who you can trust and who knows what they’re doing? Customer reviews is a great place to start, but we also recommend choosing a CSIA Certified chimney sweep company for these important reasons:


1. Track Record

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) was established in 1983 and has a long history of providing homeowners with a standard for regulating the technical expertise of chimney sweeps across the nation.


2. Code of Ethics

All chimney technicians who pass the CSIA certification exam also must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that is designed to ensure professional growth, honest business practices, and safety for all those involved.


3. Ongoing Education

In order to keep their CSIA Certification active, chimney sweeps must take continued education credits every 3 years or get recertified through the initial examination. 


4. Regulated Certification

Unfortunately, the chimney sweep industry tends to be more unregulated than most home services, which means there are a lot of other chimney sweep “certifications” that are unregulated and very easy to obtain. Make sure you know what the certification means before you hire a chimney sweep. 

As a non-profit, CSIA ensures that their certification provides regulated and transparent value through its governance by volunteer industry professionals and technical experts across the United States.


5. National Recognition

CSIA is the go-to source for chimney expertise and has been featured on and endorsed by major media sources in the United States including: Good Morning America, Dateline and 20/20, New York Times, Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics, along with numerous other local, regional and national sources.


How to Find a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep

To find a CSIA Certified chimney sweep in your area, simply type in your zip code on the CSIA Search Widget here.


Rooftop Chimney Sweeps is CSIA Certified!

On the Rooftop Chimney Sweeps team, we require each chimney sweep in Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Fairfax VA, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, and Richmond VA to be CSIA Certified. (This means all of our chimney sweeps are CSIA certified!)


Our service area is always expanding but currently is: 

Southern Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Richmond Virginia 

(Not sure if we service your area? Call us to find out! If we can’t serve you, we’ll find a CSIA Certified chimney sweep that we recommend!)


If you’re looking for assistance with chimney cleaning in Fairfax VA (or anywhere in our service area) or simply need help with a chimney inspection or repairs, you can schedule online or contact us today!

Dylan Raycroft

Dylan believes that businesses can be a powerful force for change in the world, and with his company, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, has put forth a vision for redefining the home services industry away from merely an exchange of products and services to a consumer experience focused industry. Since taking over as president in 2015, Dylan has worked tirelessly to turn a four decade long tradition of putting people first into a scalable enterprise designed to deliver that experience to millions of people. Dylan believes that leadership starts with service and tries to lead his teams by example every day.