Safe Chimney Flue And Fireplace

How Can You Tell If Your Chimney Flue is Open or Closed?

January 13, 2021

A chimney flue is useful for transporting gases and smoke from the fireplace in your Alexandria, VA, home outside. However, it can be an energy waster and a safety risk if you don’t utilize it correctly. Hence, understanding how to check your chimney flue’s position is essential to your fireplace’s safe functioning.

Create a Small Fire

Create a small fire using tinder or paper at the fireplace. If the chimney flue is open, smoke will come out of the chimney with no issues. However, if the flue isn’t open, the smoke won’t go through a closed flue and up the chimney. Instead, it’ll force its way into your home, filling the room with smoke.

Inspect Visually

Carry out a visual inspection of the chimney from your fireplace. If you can see open dampers or see the sky, that will prove that the flue is open. Failure to see the sky implies a closed flue or one that may need unclogging.

Feel the Breeze

Feeling the breeze is another method you can use to know whether you have an open or closed flue. Locate your hand inside the fireplace and wait to notice if you can feel the air flowing. When the flue is open, air will flow down the chimney.

Use Controls

Damper controls vary depending on functionality and structure. Some open the flue by rotating a knob in the anticlockwise or clockwise direction, while others require you to pull or push to open the flue. You can quickly tell whether you have an open or closed flue depending on the position of these controls.

Knowing whether you have an open or closed flue can save your family members from unpleasant smoky odors, increase your fireplace’s efficiency and reduce health risks. Besides that, it can help you attain your home comfort by retaining your home’s heat temperature. For inquiries about chimney and fireplace service, contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps.

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