How To Choose A Chimney Sweep?

How to Hire a Chimney Sweep

October 9, 2019

Here’s how you should hire a chimney sweep.  Start by going to Chimney Safety Institute of America and use their chimney sweep search widget to find a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep near you. CSIA is the industry standard for the best skilled and most trustworthy professionals in the industry. You can read more here about why you should only hire a CSIA Certified chimney sweep.


Read Good & Bad Reviews

After writing down which local chimney sweep companies are CSIA certified, you can begin to research on Google or Yelp which company has the best reviews. Look for consistent reviews that mention integrity and excellent customer service. It’s also helpful to read some bad reviews. If a company really cares about their reputation, there will be replies to the bad review on Yelp showing that the company did their best to listen to the unhappy customer and try to make things right.


Notice Their Attentiveness to the Phone


If it takes several calls to get ahold of the company when you’re inquiring about an appointment, then you can expect the same lack of attention to your chimney cleaning or inspection report. Pay attention to the level of customer service that the company provides, even from the very first call. It’s ok to be picky – you’re the customer.


Hire in Spring/Summer


If you’re wondering when to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, keep in mind that the Fall and Winter are the busiest seasons for chimney sweep companies. If you want to have your chimney inspected and cleaned for the fall and you want to hire the best chimney sweep in your area, then try to plan ahead. Call the chimney sweep in the Spring or Summer when they’re not so overwhelmed with business and they will actually have openings to offer you in the next few weeks or even days. You may get rewarded with a discount as well for your proactivity of scheduling during the Spring or Summer.


How to Choose a Chimney Sweep?


If there are multiple companies that have great online reviews and you’re still wondering how to choose a chimney sweep, then you should consider several factors. First, in addition to being CSIA certified, make sure that the company is licensed and insured. You can also ask them how long they’ve been in business.


Price Isn’t Everything


When you call to inquire about each chimney sweep company, you may encounter different pricing. Remember, price isn’t everything. It’s worth protecting your home and family by having a chimney inspection and chimney cleaning done properly by the most skilled professional, even though their price may be a bit higher. If you’re just shopping around for the lowest price then beware because you could fall prey to a company that is just trying to sell you repairs you don’t need. You also will probably end up having a bad customer experience if you are just looking for the lowest quote.


Ask What Is Included


When a chimney sweep company gives you a price, make sure you ask them what is included with their service. If it’s a chimney inspection then is it extra for the chimney cleaning? Do they use proper camera scan equipment for inspecting the interior of your chimney flue or do they stick a flashlight up your chimney? It all comes down to: you get what you pay for. Make sure to ask what you’ll receive.


Looking to schedule a chimney inspection? Check out our locations:

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You can also schedule your chimney inspection online here.

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